Saturday, June 26, 2010

What can i use to get ride of a fishy smell?

When you fillet fresh fish how do you get rid of the fish smell from your hands?What can i use to get ride of a fishy smell?
Try fresh lemon juice.What can i use to get ride of a fishy smell?
take ritz crackers, crunch them up in a bowl. add baking powder. massage the mixture into your hands and then wash with soap.

this should work.

How can i hide or get ride of bruise before 2 weeks?

i have like 4 bruise on my legs. and its getting very hot.I want to start wearing shorts but, how can i hide them so no one well see them?How can i hide or get ride of bruise before 2 weeks?
coverup makeup -How can i hide or get ride of bruise before 2 weeks?
Eat lots of meat, apprently it works lol

How can you get ride of a knot on your lip fast?

It hurts but how can you get ride of it with out taking medicine?How can you get ride of a knot on your lip fast?
yes you can get ride of it without medicine.all you have to do is eat a Popsicle. it worked 4 me why cant it work for you. hope everything works out.How can you get ride of a knot on your lip fast?
tie a piece of cotton round it and pull fast!
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  • How do you get ride of blood spots?

    When ever I get a zit and pop it blood starts to come out and I dry it up but then I just walk around with a red dot on my face all day ,what should I do?How do you get ride of blood spots?
    i know your a guy but cover up the only way i know or just pop em on the weekendHow do you get ride of blood spots?
    don't pop it, dry it out with an astringent
    Dont pop them anymore, or cover them with Clearasil. Its the same color as skin.

    How do you get ride of fleas on kittens and their mom?

    Kittens are 9 wks. old., and we have fleas everywhere. Washing with dawn soap and flea combing was really useless! Once the kittens were wet, I could see lots of fleas, but they stuck to the kittens' skin, and would not come out with a flea comb (I could catch maybe 3 fleas out of 50 with flea comb and dawn).The mother cat and kittens clawed me real good, and some bit me. I'm well aware of the flea life cycle, and the fact that the environment has to also be throughly cleaned on regular basis. However, I really need to get those fleas off the animals too (it's really bothering them). I don't want to use any heavy chemicals. Some natural stuff is toxic too. I use Diatomeceous Earth on the carpet and the couch some times, and each time cough, and have headache for several days. I've tried vinegar and water, lemon wash, etc.; nothing has worked that well. Can anyone suggest something non toxic for the kitties? Does Cedar oil sprays really work? They are expensive, and I'm broke.How do you get ride of fleas on kittens and their mom?
    Sevin Dust works wonders and can be applied directly on your kittens and mom. You must treat all affected areas also with a flea killer such as Raid Flea and Tick spray. You must get these cats on a monthly flea treatment to keep things under control. Your vet can provide the best treatments and actually they are not real expensive.How do you get ride of fleas on kittens and their mom?
    It's tedious, but it worked for me. I just worked through my cat's fur and caught the fleas, then I put them in a bowl that contained a flea/tick shampoo (Hartz Control). I then vacuumed all the furniture and floors, and washed all my sheets and blankets in hot water. Flea eggs don't go deep, so vacuuming should work.

    My cat was a sweetheart, though, and would put up with it. He had a bad reaction to Capstar, and I don't like poisons, so there wasn't much of a choice.
    I use Frontine spray. It works very and is safe for the kittens and their Mom
    Get capstar from your vet.It starts working in 30 minutes and all fleas are dead within 6 hours.Be kind to your pets the fleas hurt them.After that use a good monthly spray or liquid flea soultion.You will need to wash what you can and spray the rest and vacuam throughly many times.Use Sevrin dust outside in your yard.This should get you on a program of flealess living but you must be dilligent about it.
    If you are really having an infestation then to start by getting some bug bombs enough for your entire house. Vacuum the carpets and set off the bombs according to the manufacturer鈥檚 instructions. This will eliminate most of the adults for the first 14 days.

    Then buy some Borax. Borax is a laundry product and found in the same aisle as the laundry detergents. Buy a box and then punch holes in the top of the box making a type of shaker. Vacuum all of your carpet and then sprinkle Borax into the carpet. Broom it in where it seems to be too heavy. Leave it in and when you are vacuuming your carpets in a few days re apply Borax again.

    Your commercial applications like frontline or advantage works on killing the adult fleas. They bite the cat and then they die. You can buy frontline by the bottle and apply it at a rate of .8 (that鈥檚 point eight) cc鈥檚 per pound. Example a 4 pound cat will need 3.2 cc鈥檚 of frontline applied between the should blades.

    There are 4 stages to a flea cycle egg, larvae, pupa, and adult.

    The borax will work on the eggs (drying them out) and the Larvae (kills them when they eat the Borax that is in the carpet) and the Pupa ( a nuclear blast wouldn't damage the pupa. )

    So until all the pupa develop into adults and are killed by the local application of the flea meds, you will continue to see fleas. But once they are gone and you continue your diligence by applying Borax once per month you will never see a flea again!

    Good luck!
    get the good stuff it costs about 30- 40 bucks but it works frontline or advantge, it works. for my kittens I didn't bath them in flea shampoo but i diluted a bowl of water with the shampoo and i used a cloth or sponge to apply the solution. then once you've done that rinse them off the same way and dry. yea they don't lke it but it's neccessary. if you have to make them laydown to keep from getting clawed or clip their claws first!! my vet told me to take flea powder and sprinkle it on the carpet like carpet fresh; he said it works better that way not on the animals, let it stand about 24 hrs. then vacuum. but keep pets off carpet until you can vacuum. I used products called Zodiac, got them from Petco or Petsmart. spray for the furniture, powder
    Apply Eucalyptus Oil or Tea Tree Oil directly to the specific area that's causing your cat harm. Repeat this application every 4 days or so. Remember not to apply the eucalyptus oil near the eyes. This works far better than any poisonous flea medicine I've used on my cats. I'm sure it will work on your pets, the fleas can't stand the aroma. Cheers!
    My vet recommends Dish detergent lemon Scented Joy. You can give your kitten a bath without the worry of hurting it. I used it repeatedly on my kittens and it worked. Good luck
    First I have to say PLEASE ignore 99% of what these idiots wrote on here! Such as 7 dust is NOT safe for cats, neither is Hartz flea products, or that ridiculous vacuume thing. The person who recommended frontline at a rate of .8 is also wrong, it is .8 per 10 lbs not 1 lb, 3.2 cc is a MASSIVE overdose.

    As for what you should do, the best thing is advantage (made by Bayer) it contains imidacloprid which is very safe on cats and extremely effective with fleas. The great thing about Advantage is that you apply it once per month and keep the cats indoors. Wherever the cats go the fleas will jump on them, they will then be unable to bite the cats due to the Advantage and will die shortly thereafter. Bottom line, there is no need to treat the carpet or any otherpart of the house when using advantage, all that is required is the application of advantage and put the cat in the room.

    It is more expensive than the stuff at walmart but the difference is that it will actually work and will not kill your cat.

    As for hartz products, I have seen dozens of cats come in having violent seizures and many eventually die as a result of the hartz flea drops.

    The flea baths are WAY to harsh for kittens and only kill the ones on them, so you would have to be bathing them constantly to kill all of the ones they will pick up in the environment.

    I can not stress enough that flea collars, dips, and store brand drops are all very ineffective and DANGEROUS for any cat, especially ones as young as yours.

    Many vets will sell advantage by the tube rather than forcing you to buy the entire 4 month supply.
    go to walmart and buy a speacial shampoo that killz fleas and also get a flea coaler becareful try not to get fleas on u it really hurts trust me dat happend to me :)
    ask your vet what you can use as dawn soap is not really good to use on kitten (or momma cat either) skin.
    I was told to put a cat flea coller in your bag vacume cleaner and vacume the feals up once the fleas are sucked up the flea coller will kill the fleas. u can only do that if u have a bag vacume cleaner and u must change the coller in the vacume once a month. also put flea collers on all your cats and that should help out and they are cheep tro get. also try and give them a flea bath but make sure to wear a long sleved shirt and some heave duty gloves but try the feal collers first.
    I've been told that using the flea collar in the vacuum bag is not healthy because it spreads the toxins into the air. Also that rubbing alcohol can be used to dab the fleas, which kills them. Care to keep away from nose, eyes and mouth.
    Any store sells flea collars and/or flea powder.They really work too. Good Luck!!!

    How do you get ride of a zit at home in three days?

    I really need to get ride of a zit that does not cost so at home and in three days? Anyone know how to. If so pleaseeeeeeee HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!How do you get ride of a zit at home in three days?
    Old modeling trick:

    1. Take a Qtip and apply plain old toothpaste to spot with it.

    2. Dip the other side of the Qtip in hydrogen peroxide and apply that to the spot on top of the toothpaste.

    3. It will foam up and sting a bit. That is normal and desired.

    4. Let it sit overnight. Don't wipe it off.

    5. It will significantly dry out the spot. I'm not guaranteeing it will completely resolve it but nothing else you can do at home works better.How do you get ride of a zit at home in three days?
    No toothpaste (if it was for acne the directions would say so)

    and most things at home can't kill acne or heal it.

    I'd use a hot compress to open it if it's not already -

    and if you just leave it alone it will heal.

    Otherwise if you don't use acne medication to kill bacteria and aide in drying it up - make up is your alternative to hide it.
    I usually rub a little neosporine or vics on the zit. they help to draw out the zit.

    How do i get ride of the red bumps on my arms?

    Ive have these tiny red or pink bumps on the upper part of my arm (elbow to shoulder) for most of my life but they are just recently starting to become really noticeable. I know i can go to a dermatologist and get something but i would rather see if theres a way to get rid of them or make them less visable a cheaper way

    Any help is greatly appreciated :]How do i get ride of the red bumps on my arms?
    Its probably some form of acne on your arms. Yes, you can go to the dermatogolist esp if its kinda a rash. While your home use Muran Acne Body wash. It i blue bottle and it works absolute wonders, its kinda on the pricey side but its def worth it. It also has little exfoliating beads in the inhance the effect. Try using that and then applying lotion, any moisturing cream like aveeno is what i use. If you dont see improvement head to the dermo.

    On the other hand if it looks more like a rash and is itching i would go to the doc immediately.

    Its probably just little white and black heads so no worry!

    hope this helpeedHow do i get ride of the red bumps on my arms?
    i think you have what i have and if you do its not good new because it wont just go away lol. If you do its heaps of little red pink spots exactly from shoulder to elbow and it looks really inflamed its like a rash , its not itchy and its not acne lol. i went to a dermatologist for it and it costed me like nearly $200 just too see this top skin specialist and all they could tell me is it wont go away. Apparently its something i inherited from my grandma and its prone too people from the scottish or irish decent(i cant remember which one) and will probably go away in my late 40s and im 17 now so all they could tell me was to moisturize daily and use a light scrub to get rid of the bumpiness but then again if i did that it would make it more red and inflamed lol so yea they didnt really help.But you might not even have this i recommend you go to your doctor it isnt that expensive and ask them about it (thats what i did first then they put me on to a specialist)

    Good luck

    hope i helped a little bit lol :)
    Warm weather seems to aggravate them??? Try a hot washrag applied to the area until it cools, pat dry and apply hydrocortizone OTC cream. Soap seems to feed the bumps. If that doesn't show any difference in 2 weeks, then it is something a doctor has knowledge of.
    you should get body exfoliater or you can use the coffee grinds also, its okay if you drain it in the drainer because its safe %26amp; it also moisturises your body too. + exfoliates it. soo the bumps should go away within a couple of days
    get lotion with alpha hydroxy acid.

    and use it after expoliating.

    alba has a good lotion with it.
    Body Cleanser
    get a body soap with little scrubbers in it, and use it everyday on your arm. --like body scrub. lol
    try proactive or go to a pharmacy and asking them for something
    I would go to the doctors...
    itchy skin